Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strange Things In The Woods

Occasionally while you're out and about looking for evidence of Bigfoot's existence, you come across some unusual things in the woods that just don't make sense.  While out researching in North Louisiana, we came across a deer that was totally unafraid of us.  Even after attempts to startle and spook the deer, it just carried on as if we were a part of forest and not a threat.  Very weird.  Ever seen this before?

See video below.


  1. I had that happen when I was marking boundary lines for the Forest Service about 15 years ago. I sat down to drink some water and a doe walked up to me. She followed me throughout the day, and even ate some of the peanut butter snack crackers when I ate lunch. It turned out that she had been raised by some people about a mile down the road, and was well known in the area by the locals