Thursday, December 27, 2012

BREAKING: Original 6 Have Bigfoot In A Box. Exclusive Interview With Darren Lee Of MABRC

Big news on the MABRC (Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center) Forums.  Forum member Ed Smith, formally of the "Orginal 6" now called "Quantra" received a text that his former group has a Bigfoot in a box.  That's right, folks!! A live specimen!! See Bigfoot Chicks/Squatch Unlimited's exclusive interview with  MABRC founder, Darren Lee, below for the latest on this exciting event!!

Exclusive Interview with Darren Lee, Founder of MABRC

BFC/SU: Who is Ed Smith?

D. Lee:  He is a Bigfoot field researcher and a member of our MABRC Forums.

BFC/SU:  What is "Original 6"?

D. Lee:  the Original 6 was a group that formed about 12 years ago, of which, Ed Smith was a part.  They had a 10 year mission to collect as much evidence as possible to prove the existence of Bigfoot.  After the 10 years, Mr. Smith became burnt out and decided to leave the group.  The group then renamed itself "Quantra".

BFC/SU:  How is "Quantra" funded?

D. Lee:  Quantra is funded by it's members.  It is a group made up of doctors, lawyers, engineers, tech heads, etc.  They are men of substantial means and able to fund a serious operation out of pocket.

BFC/SU:  What kind of equipment does Quantra use?

D. Lee:  Every kind of high tech camera and gadget available.  It's all top of the line equipment and they have everything from ground sensors and wireless access points set up in trailers to IR cameras like what the border patrol uses, that have the ability to see 3 to 6 miles out.

BFC/SU:  Is Quantra a ProKill organization?

D. Lee:  While they have never made an official statement, all the evidence point to "NO".

BFC/SU:  Are they working with any sort of law enforcement or government agency on this?

D. Lee: No

BFC/SU:  How was the creature captured?

D. Lee:  A special trap, a box, with a pressure plate in the center.  The plate was set to go off at 350 pounds.  It closed up around the creature when it stepped on the plate.

BFC/SU:  What happens now?  Who will study the creature?

D. Lee:  Quantra has privately contracted scientist to come and study the creature.

BFC/SU:  Is Dr. Ketchum one of the scientists?

D. Lee:  Highly doubtful as Quantra is not a fan of Dr. Ketchum.

BFC/SU:  Where was the creature captured?

D. Lee:  That information has not been released.

BFC/SU:  Where is Quantra's main base of operation?

D. Lee:  They have these elaborate set ups in several places throughout the country.

BFC/SU:  Where can we learn more about this exciting event?

D. Lee:  All this information is being published on the MABRC forums.  You can visit us at


  1. I caught Rob Gaudet... he's all tied down at the moment... sorry... I'm distracted...

  2. sure is interesting, let's hope it's not another false claim...sadly it's becoming hard to have any faith in claims these days.

  3. Explain why capturing an otherwise free hominid is a good thing. Did this Bigfoot threaten somebody? How is capturing him or her justifiable?

    1. It's considered a good thing to those folks (and the majority of non-habituator researchers) because it can finally, without a doubt, prove that Sasquatches are real - without killing one. Obviously not everyone wants to prove they are real, but more do than don't.

  4. Yeah, I agree - the false claims thing is so over. I'd like to see this pan out.

    1. This is wear the rubber meets the road. The talking has been done, it's time to show the proof.

  5. I am so tired of crap like this. I wish these people would stick to dungeons and dragons and not let their silly-ass imaginations and need for attention wreck havoc on a community of people who already suffer from credibility issues.

  6. If it is real I would like to see the Sasquatch let go ! If you are fortunate to have scene one that is one thing but to go out and capture one any ways possible (You are not a researcher to me at all)

  7. This is a little James Bondish for me.....but interesting

  8. On the use of the word "specimen"... If the creature was dead, I think "specimen" would be appropriate. If the creature is alive, it's not a "specimen". A much better characterization is "your neighbor".

  9. I hope they have got this one by the foot and a live specimen! I am going to be very dissapointed if they say they have one and never show us the Bigfoot. I will have to remove my MABRC affiliation if they can't produce!!!!

  10. Specimen is for dead animals that scientists study. If they killed a Sasquatch and it is proven that they are human, then that is murder. I really wish these organizations would wait until the DNA results are published before they end up in jail for killing one. If they do have one - and I truly hope they don't - then they need to immediately have chain of custody samples taken, showing the video on a live feed while the bloodwork is done, and then they need to release the Sasquatch where they captured/kidnapped him or her. If this is a hoax, I agree with the poster that it doesn't help credibility issues. Stop hunting them!

  11. How many days has it been? And in that time, Ed Smith has seemingly went from "Oops I got Top Secret Email" to "Now, look at me, I am the unofficial official spokesperson."

    Ed Smith is jerking us around.

    I just never thought I'd agree with Matt Moneymaker on anything.

    Quantra doesn't have a Sasquatch.

  12. Daisy and the truth are out of the box!