Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Interview With Darren Lee Of MABRC Regarding Quantra's Claims To Have Captured A Bigfoot

Rouge Bigfoot Researcher, Bill Brock, was also able to get an interview with Darren Lee of MABRC to ask a few more questions regarding Quantra's claims to have captured a live Bigfoot.  See his interview below.

From Bill Brock:

Is Bigfoot really in a box?

December 28, 2012

Dear Bigfooters,
Today could be an exciting day for Bigfoot researchers. Ed Smith, leader
of the research group calling themselves the original six has claimed they
have a live Bigfoot captured. These Bigfoot researchers claimed they caught
a Bigfoot in a trap designed to only capture the beast. The trap was made a
lot like a simple clam trap with a trigger in the center, set up to only go off if
something over 350 pounds steps on it. Today I had the opportunity to
interview via Facebook messenger DW Lee who has been a important source
for information regarding the capture of this possible Bigfoot. During the
interview with DW Lee I asked him when we were going to find out more
about if the O-6 actually has a Bigfoot in their hands. In the transcript
below you will see his answer. The next step in the process for myself is
contacting Ed Smith, the leader of the original six. If I am able to contact
him I will be posting the transcript of the interview on my Facebook.
Sincerely yours,
Bill Brock

You can find me on Facebook at either Bill Brock, or Maine Bigfoot's facts
and stories

Bill Brock –Would it be okay if I asked you a few things. Thanks you Bill

DW Lee- U can ask Bill, just don't know if I can answer

Bill Brock– Do you really feel they trapped Bigfoot?

DW Lee – At this time, I am still in the air on it, I am working to find out
more information, I'm supposed to get more info this morning and may be
given permission to post it.

Bill Brock– Awesome. Sounds like your in the same boat as all of us..
What is your role with the group?

DW Lee – I have no part of the Quantra group, I am the Executive
Director of the MABRC, two distinct groups, in the past the Orig-6, the
group that evolved into the Quantra group used the forums to disseminate
their information, that was all the role we had, was to be a conduit of
information for them.

Bill Brock –Got ya. Is it ok if I post that. It will answer a lot of question
for people..

DW Lee– Most of the information is on the MABRC forums if people
will just take the time to go read it. U can post it.

Bill Brock –How can I contact the O-6

DW Lee – at this time, their is no contact information for the O-6, they
have ceased to exist and have evolved into the QUantra group.


  1. DW says in this interview that he is "in the air about it". Yesterday he told Melissa a Bigfoot was captured.
    DW made a definitive statement yesterday that was unambiguous.
    Today his tune has changed. Why is that?

    I appreciate all of you sharing this information.

  2. Sixth.

    This smells like a farce to me.

    I know the damned things exist.

    Why make as claim that you have a bigfoot and not release some pics? Because you don't have one.