Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giant Skeletons Unearthed in California and Kentucky

This article from a Monday July 13, 1908 edition of the Washington Times describes 14 skeletons described as over nine feet in height with skulls that have high cheek bones and other pronounced characteristics.

We wonder what would have happened to the skeletons. Surely something like this is still either in a private collection or perhaps it's locked away in the Smithsonian. This is a great simple concise article that provides answers to potential questions and opens way for even more. Were these Sasquatch creatures? Did they bury their dead all in the same location? Did they all die at the same time? Or was this a "Bigfoot" cemetery, a place of reverence? What happened to the skeletons? Why were their teeth all intact?

Here is another article. This one is from 1885 in The Daily Evening Bulletin in Maysville, Kentucky. Five giant skeletons are unearthed. One of them has a head the size of a wooden bucket. Pottery, a knife, a pipe, were found long with the skeletons.

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  1. Rest assured if this was locked away somewhere in the "Smithsonian" it will never see the light of day ever again. They have two things that need to be fixed. 1st they work hand in hand with the government and 2nd they have a habit of misplacing items that either get lost for good or come to light yrs later ( I am talking about decades here).