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An article featuring an interview with Ivan Marx, noted Bigfoot researcher/hoaxer for the 1960's.  He was known for his success with several Bigfoot films that contained actual footage of "alleged" Bigfoots that many have labeled as hoaxes.  A short clip of some of his work is attached at the end of the article.


Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
Sunday, November 15, 1970


Spokane (AP) - Filmed "proof" of the existence of "Bigfoot" - sometimes known as the legendary Sasquatch - is being marketed by a backwoodsman who says he'll capture the creature within a year.

The documentary was filmed in the rugged mountains of northeastern Washington in early October by Ivan Marx, a Bossburg, Wash., hunting guide who started searching for "Bigfoot" a year ago."This movie should prove to everybody, once and for all, that Bigfoot does exist.  The only thing that could offer more proof will come when we capture him.. That I hope will come before this time next year." Marx said Friday.

Only a handful of people, including two newsmen, had seen the colored movie as of Friday.  But if Marx is successful in his selling effort, the film will be shown publicy, likely by an adventure film promoter.

About two minutes of the film are footage of the Bigfoot, taken from about 100 feet away.

"We'd heard reports that Bigfoot had been hit by a train or something like that.  We had as idea of the general area where he was an it didn't take long for my dogs to sniff him out, Marx said"When we spotted him, he was on all fours in this real thick stuff (underbrush)," he said.

In the film the creature is barely discernable in the underbrush, crawling on four legs.  But seconds later he's in a sunlite clearing, hobbling along and twice looking back at the cameraman.

Both ankles of the creature are fleshy in nature and Marx said "this shows wounds against his black hair."  The Bigfoot hunter said the "wonuds" may have been sustained in the creature's brush with civilization.

"We wanted to continue the hunt for him, that's why we didn't release the word right away," Marx said.

The professional hunting guide, who has lived in the Bossburg area for about a year said he has "several thousand" tracks of the creature "and spots where he has had a good time rolling in the dust."  Plaster casts have been made of some of the larger tracks"I'd say there are about five of them living up there.  And I think this one we photographed is young and I'm sure he's a male," Marx said."We know his habits and what to look for.  I think he's holed-up for the winter now.  There just hasn't been any more tracks to speak of and if they were there I'd see them cause i'm out with hunters everyday," he said.

"I don't want to kill him, so this winter I'll be taking my dogs back in.  I'm sure they'll be able to find where he's hibernating, just like other dogs find lost skiers buried by avalanches," Marx said.

Marx said he believes Bigfoot will spend the winter under the boughs of trees that will provide "a little room when snow falls and weighs them down."

"If we get him this winter, we'll tie him up just to get a good look at him.  Then I don't care if the pass a law outlawing hunting and killing of Bigfoot," Marx said.

Could the Bigfoot caper be a gag?

"I've seen him, so I'm sure it's not,"  Marx said.  "If somebody was going to try and pull a gag, I don't think they'd be walking 20 and more miles back into the woods to make tracks.  Besides, the tracks are just too real."

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