Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Did Bigfoot just sneeze??

A couple of nights ago the Bigfoot Chicks
visited the location of a sighting that took
place a year ago. While there,  we heard a
deer blow and it about scared Angela to
death as she had never heard a deer make
that sound. It startled all of us and we had
a good laugh about it later, but it got me
wondering about other sounds deer make
that could be confused with squatch sounds.

My research into deer calls and communication
lead me to the site who's link is posted below.
Apparently, there are several calls they do
make and I've heard them and thought they
were something else at the time. Thought this
was a great link. I'm glad to familiarize myself
with these calls. It will still probably make me
hit my target heart rate to hear these in the woods
at night, but at least I'll know what's coming after
me!! = )


1 comment:

  1. The coolest thing just happened. I was sitting on my porch playing the buck grunts on my phone, when I heard a rustle. There was a big beautiful doe at the edge of the woods staring over at me.