Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Interview With Darren Lee Of MABRC Regarding Quantra's Claims To Have Captured A Bigfoot

Rouge Bigfoot Researcher, Bill Brock, was also able to get an interview with Darren Lee of MABRC to ask a few more questions regarding Quantra's claims to have captured a live Bigfoot.  See his interview below.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

BREAKING: Original 6 Have Bigfoot In A Box. Exclusive Interview With Darren Lee Of MABRC

Big news on the MABRC (Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center) Forums.  Forum member Ed Smith, formally of the "Orginal 6" now called "Quantra" received a text that his former group has a Bigfoot in a box.  That's right, folks!! A live specimen!! See Bigfoot Chicks/Squatch Unlimited's exclusive interview with  MABRC founder, Darren Lee, below for the latest on this exciting event!!

Tales Of Wild Men: Hunter Brutally Attacked By A Sasquatch Who Steals His Horse

In this installment of "Tales Of Wild Men", an alleged Sasquatch brutally attacks a hunter, ripping out an eye and biting him all over his body.  After violently pulling him from his horse, the creature rides off on his horse.

See video below.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Introducing The Tales Of Wild Men Series

Announcing Bigfoot Chicks/Squatch Unlimited "Tales Of Wild Men" series on youtube. These old accounts are another piece of evidence our research has uncovered to support the existence of Sasquatch. Extremely interesting and eye opening!!  Stay tuned for future installments coming soon!!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strange Things In The Woods

Occasionally while you're out and about looking for evidence of Bigfoot's existence, you come across some unusual things in the woods that just don't make sense.  While out researching in North Louisiana, we came across a deer that was totally unafraid of us.  Even after attempts to startle and spook the deer, it just carried on as if we were a part of forest and not a threat.  Very weird.  Ever seen this before?

See video below.

Baiting A Bigfoot

Bigfoot Chicks/Squatch Unlimited recently returned from an expedition in Alabama where we tried some new baiting techniques.  There were three trails that came into base camp and each trail was baited with an aromatic substance (jello powder, garlic salt, and instant coffee).  We also made a concoction of sardines, onions and garlic salt and put it into a cage and dangled it from an old bridge nearby.  Check out the highlights from our expedition in the video below and let us know if you've tried something similar and if it met with any success.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giant Skeletons Unearthed in California and Kentucky

This article from a Monday July 13, 1908 edition of the Washington Times describes 14 skeletons described as over nine feet in height with skulls that have high cheek bones and other pronounced characteristics.

We wonder what would have happened to the skeletons. Surely something like this is still either in a private collection or perhaps it's locked away in the Smithsonian. This is a great simple concise article that provides answers to potential questions and opens way for even more. Were these Sasquatch creatures? Did they bury their dead all in the same location? Did they all die at the same time? Or was this a "Bigfoot" cemetery, a place of reverence? What happened to the skeletons? Why were their teeth all intact?

Here is another article. This one is from 1885 in The Daily Evening Bulletin in Maysville, Kentucky. Five giant skeletons are unearthed. One of them has a head the size of a wooden bucket. Pottery, a knife, a pipe, were found long with the skeletons.